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The Springfield Township Fire Department’ s proud to provide its citizens with exceptional safety services.  In turn, many residents rate safety high on their list of strenghths and reasons why they choose to live in this community.  Our fire department has made sever major enhancements over the past decade to provide a better quality of service.  We have increased staffing from volunteer to full time, improved our emergency care from basic life support to advanced life support, and we began transporting patients that require emergency medical care to local hospitals.  All of these improvements occured without much in additional revenue.


On July 1, 2007, Springfield Township Fire Department began billing for EMS transport services.  EMS calls for service that occured prior to that date will not incurr any charges.

MediCount Management has been selected as our billing agency for EMS transport serviced provided by our department.  Billing statements may be obtained directly through MediCount Management by contacting them at 1.800.962.1484 or by mail at MediCount Management Incorporated, 10361 Spartan Drive, Cincinnati Ohio 45215.