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Holland/Springfield Safety Town

Safety Town is another free Community Service Project of the Springfield Township Fire Department that was established in 1998.  In 2003, the Springfield Township Fire Department and the Village of Holland’s Police Department combined programs to allow for a more cohesive program enabling us to include more students, ideas and instruction to the program.  The object of the program is to provide an early safety education experience for pre-kindergarten students using a hands on experience and didactic instruction.  The program includes a variety of safety lessons including poisons, water, pedestrian, bicycles, bus, fire and EMS, guns, strangers, railroad, and electricity.  The concepts are reinforced daily using a curriculum based on the safety topic theme through songs, crafts, guest speakers who specialize in the area of safety as well as utilization of the miniature Safety Town course.

When Is Safety Town Offered?  Safety Town is offered the last two weeks in June and July every summer.  This nine day program is available in the morning or afternoon for two hours each day.  The last Friday in each program is utilized for the graduation ceremony, for both the morning and afternoon sessions, at the high school’s auditorium.  There is no class on that day.

Who Can Participate?  Children must be 5 or 6 years old and must be entering kindergarten in the fall. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Where is Safety Town Held?  The first session of Safety Town is conducted at Crissey Elementary.  The second session of Safety Town is held at Holloway Elementary.  A miniature town has been designed near the playground that includes artfully painted little houses and traffic signals for the children to observe while driving the pedal cars throughout the course.

Why Are There Three Classes And What Is The Difference?  Students are divided in equal homeroom classes, red, yellow or green.  The Red Room is known as our craft room and is instructed by our fire department staff.  Emphasis on the daily topic is reinforced through a craft based on the lesson theme.  The Yellow Room is designed to instruct safety through song and movement allowing the children to express safety through motion and sound.  The Green Room is instructed by police officers who introduce and educate children of safety rules, laws and tips utilizing the miniature town, safety signs, and sidewalk inside and outside.  All children rotate from class to class throughout the day to include a fun interactive learning atmosphere from all prospectives.  Your child will begin their learning experience and conclude their learning adventure in the same homeroom class throughout the entire course. 

How Do I Enroll My Child?  Applications are available at any of our fire stations, administration building, the Village of Holland’s Police Department, or you may download the application.  Applications are accepted up to two weeks prior to the start of each course.  Applications received after the deadline will be enrolled in the following session, if applicable.

How Do I Know If My Child Is Accepted?  Township and Village residents are placed in the program first on a first come first served basis.  Confirmation cards are mailed two weeks prior to the start of each course.  They are color coded (red, yellow or green) designating your child’s classroom.  Parents are encouraged to bring the confirmation card with their child on the first day of class. 

Safety Town Students Have A Dress Code?  Safety Town t-shirts are issued along with a name tag and workbook on the first day of class.  We ask that your child wear the t-shirt on the first day and throughout the rest of the program.  Some students are enrolled in our Safety Town Program as well as a summer program offered by the schools.  T-shirts help designate the class and course the child is attending to eliminate any room for error or confusion.  Children may wear a t-shirt similar to the same color of their homeroom class color.  Please dress your child in play clothes and gym shoes everyday! Please NO flip flops or sandals.

Can My Child Be Placed In the Same Class As Their Friend?  We understand that many parents car pool to the program, however all three classes are located within the same building in close proximity.  We do however try to accommodate specials requests which should be included on the application at the time of enrollment.  Our staff will try to accomodate each request classroom size allowing.  Classroom change requests will not be permitted on the first day.

Can I Stay With My Child During The Program?  For some parents and their child(ren) this may be the first school setting atmosphere they are introduced to and may initiate some anxiety.  Most children adjust well to the separation of their parents, however, parents are welcome to stay and observe if necessary.  We highly suggest treating this program as an introductory setting of school and allow the child to attend class without a parent.  When parents discuss and reiterate with their child the importance of the course and of their return children are less nervous.

The Program Is Free?  Yes.  The Springfield Township Fire Department, The Village of Holland Police Department, and the Springfield Local Schools co-sponsor the program to allow all children the opportunity to recognize safety hazards found in everyday life.  Children are issued a bicycle helmet which are donated by St. Luke’s Hospital Women’s Auxiliary.  Guest speakers who specialize in the safety topic donate their time to speak to the children.  Volunteers are also utilized by the teachers in assisting with the children in many different aspects.  Many thanks to those that help make the program a success and for the opportunity to instruct the children of our future.