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Springfield Township Fire Department

The Township of Springfield was established on June 20, 1836, and is the third largest local government in Lucas County, following the City of Toledo and Sylvania Township, with a population of just under    25,000.

Springfield Township Fire Department was established in 1950 beginning with Station #1, which was erected by dedicated volunteer firefighters and currently provides services to the northeast part of the township. Shortly after, in 1951, volunteer firefighters constructed Station #2 to respond to calls within western part of the township. Since then, both stations have been remodeled on several different occasions to accommodate with the expansion of township, to include necessary housing of equipment, apparatus and personnel. In 1986, Station #3, was constructed to respond to the remaining southeast portion of the township.

Prior to 1950 and the development of the Springfield Township Fire Department, the Village of Holland’s Fire Department provided fire and EMS services to the members of the township. Since the growth and the continuous development within our community; including businesses and residential subdivisions, a much needed transition occurred in January of 2005 from a volunteer status to a full time department to include 24 hours advanced life support and fire services at all three stations.

Soon after the transition from a volunteer department to staffing full time, Springfield Township entered into an agreement with the Village of Holland and began providing fire and EMS services for their community in November of 2005. Our fire department provides services most would expect from a large city without any additional tax assessments, municipal or village income taxes. Moreover, Springfield Township continues to aggressively pursue and obtain grant monies to improve our training, stations and equipment needed to maintain up to date with the ever changing needs of medical and fire emergency services.